Content Strategy & Marketing

It is perhaps not surprising that recent research has shown that only 39% of B2B marketers have a defined content strategy. That’s truly worrying in a competitive World! However, we often see varying messages from the same organisation across different channels and we all know that many organisations are fragmented and marketing is ‘put out’ in an ad-hoc manner, often reactive to circumstances at the ‘coal face’.

Having worked in this area for many years and observed other companies and individuals, part of the issue is that the majority of marketers are not strategic, and another concern is that marketing is often reactive to the individual requests of a range of sales personnel who are each considering their own specific area or customers.

Every organisation should have a well though out and planned content strategy by first understanding their customer base, segmentation, customer and industry issues and what influences the buying behaviour of those customer groups. At the heart of this would be market research to properly understand all of these areas, industry trends, factors like seasonality and then content can be planned for the year ahead and the relevant channels utilised correctly.If you would like to know more or would value a discussion, then please contact me…