Marketing & Strategy Consultant
Oil, Gas & Marine

AIS or Advanced Innergy Solutions (formerly Advanced Insulation Services) needed to be renamed, rebranded and repositioned in-line with its current offering and also as a requirement of the Private Equity (PE) owner. It was important that the business going forward reflected its capability in advanced insulation, thermal protection, corrosion and fire protection solutions rather than just insulation services.

The business needed a new name which required matching customer expectations, with internal expectations and capability. This then needed a complete re-Branding exercise, new Corporate Brand Guidelines, re-branding of all literature, website and repositioning.

Re-positioning is often a requirement for a Private Equity owner as they always have in mind the value of an entity at the point of sale, and how this should be optimised for prospective purchasers. A business that is seen to cover multiple sectors is more resistant to fluctuations in demand and, if some of the sectors are seen to be particularly attractive such as green energy, sustainable and similar, then this can get a higher multiple at the point of sale, making the PE house much more money from the investment.