Business Processes and Performance

Business Process Re-engineering and Business Performance

It is surprising how many companies, especially SMEs, in B2B business sectors such as Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Construction and Infrastructure, Engineering and similar, do not have good processes in place. Indeed, many do not have any suitable processes especially at the front end of the business in sales and marketing. It is as if it is hoped that frantic activity and working hard will replace careful thought, planning and a structured, measured approach where people know their roles and responsibilities. In many instances this is due to small entrepreneurial companies growing without having the suitable professional management brought in to put rugged, optimised processes in place.


In many of our projects, mapping out current processes and reengineering in to optimal ‘best company practices’ is a key part of our work; ‘best company practices’ is used here as this is about deriving the most suitable process for the specific client rather than imposing a best practice from another company.


If you are facing challenges with lack of clarity or buy in in your organisation, inconsistencies in the ways that people work, lack of efficiency or inability to measure what is going on then this may well be due to unclear processes or indeed lack of them.

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