Have You Developed Your Strategy to Survive the Crisis and Beyond?

These are unprecedented times with most of the retail high street having been closed, the food service industry in turmoil, a collapse in the Oil market, increased demand for food manufacturing, a rapid decline for clothing retail, and a devastated travel industry. In addition, many companies have closed factories and furloughed staff. So, what are …

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Need help with your Digital Transformation?

There is a lot of generic discussion on the internet, and in the market place, about Digital Transformation, Digital Blueprints, Digital Marketing, Industry 4, IoT (Industry of Things), 5G and other related areas. This is all great news, however the applicability and interpretation, depends on each organisation and where it is along its specific journey. …

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Market Research

Market Research in B2B environments is just as important as in B2C situations but is often forgotten or bypassed on the basis of hearsay, individual customer or sales input, myths and legends, and stories having been around in a business for many years. Often these beliefs about customers and what they want cannot be substantiated …

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