Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Petrochemicals Marketing Consultancy

The Oil and Gas sector is heavily influenced by the Oil price and fluctuates between peaks and troughs with investment varying from new contracts and expansion to sweating the assets and getting the most from them by prolonging their lifetime and optimising maintenance regimes. Similarly, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants are trying to extract maximum value from their expensive assets.

My experience in this sector from an initial degree in Chemical engineering and direct experience operating plants can give greater insights from a business, strategy and marketing perspective. In addition, working on projects for identifying global market opportunities from new technology to convert wet or saturated steam into energy, through to supplying process cooling and heating equipment to these sectors means that a thorough understanding of the technology can be brought to the solutions I provide.

As an interim marketing director or consultant in Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Petrochemicals sectors I can add value to the front – end business processes, market identification, channels to market, lead pipeline or online and offline marketing activities as well as strategy and direction of the organisation.


Oil & Gas, Chemicals
Oil & Gas