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Interim marketing director Oil and Gas, Marketing consultant Oil and Gas

An Interim Marketing Director role and marketing consultancy for a private equity backed start-up business bringing new technology to the market. Heliex Power produces screw turbines which convert low pressure wet steam and saturated steam into electricity to use on plants or sell back to the grid. Sectors where this technology can be useful are Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Plasterboard manufacture, steel production, Waste Heat recovery and general manufacturing.

The Interim marketing and strategy assignment was to size the global market for a range of sectors for the potential opportunity for this new technology. After identifying suitable sectors based on processes and use of wet or saturated steam at the right pressure, the sizing of the sectors and prioritisation of country markets was performed. A repeatable process was put in place so that the business could do this internally for new sectors in the future.

Many private equity backed SME’s face a similar challenge by not having the skills in house to identify the appropriate market opportunities, size them and take new products to market successfully.