Non-Executive Support

B2B Non Executive support

Many SME’s, as well as larger organisations and Plc’s, have the need for expertise in certain areas but not on a full-time basis either due to affordability or that it is a specialist requirement to give direction. Strategy and high-level Marketing are two of the areas where Non-Executives can help organisations that lack this expertise. This is especially true in SME’s and in the Private Equity (PE) space where organisations generally lack good levels of expertise in these areas.


We specialise in strategy and marketing planning in B2B environments including market research and sizing, identify acquisitions targets, competitive analysis, business strategy and implementation, digital strategy, websites, customer buying behaviour and generally improving business performance by challenging the norms based on good, sound business data and judgement.


If you are a B2B CEO, Investment or PE company requiring assistance with understanding the market place, opportunities or how to develop and grow your business profitability then I can help as a Non-Executive or in a consultancy role.