Marketing Consultant, Food & Beverage

Vision Engineering have a long and established history and reputation in Microscopy. This includes optical and digital microscopes, patented ergonomic designs, and a brand new 3 D microscopy technology with the capability to share images real time around the world.

Although Vision Engineering is well established in traditional manufacturing sectors like aerospace, electronics and similar, it had not really entered the food manufacturing market sector. Therefore, a market research phased approach needed to be undertaken to understand the food manufacturing and supply sector, the need for microscopy and identification of opportunities and routes to market, on a global basis.

A phased project approach included stages starting with primary market research of the food sector, supply chain, research organisations and laboratories and the use of this type of technology. The routes to market, marketing plan, marketing content, communication channels , decision makers and influencers also had to be understood to work out a market entry plan to establish the company in this sector.