Interim marketing director Industrial Services, Marketing consultant Industrial Services

Cape Plc is a global provider of industrial services and business services to the Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Manufacturing and general Industrial sectors. The interim marketing assignment and consultancy was about customer and potential customer engagement and digital strategy and communications.

At an early stage in the process it was necessary to challenge the norms and understand the buying process and engagement with digital and the website by a range of customer types and functions across a variety of sectors in different geographic markets. Understanding customer searching and buying behaviour through a variety of persona profiles was key to the development of a new website and digital strategy.

Websites can be based on bespoke design, differing software and Content Management Systems (CMS) and whether an Enterprise solution or a number of discrete packages can be used. All of this plus which marketing techniques are used, social media usage and integration with other systems like CRM have to be taken into account when developing the digital strategy.