Change Management

Change Management

The business world is littered with fast growth ‘success’ stories. But are they? What happens when they’ve grown rapidly, driven by entrepreneurial enthusiasm. That’s to be applauded but many then hit a ceiling due to insufficient processes, inadequate training, not enough of the correct people and a lack of structure.


This is when change management and a change in culture are usually needed to prepare the business for the next stage of growth or so many businesses will stagnate and worse. The same is true of acquisitions that aren’t properly integrated with the rest of the business.


Having been in a range of situations where change has to be driven through the business, I can say from experience, that this is not an easy process. For a start people are by nature resistant to change and will take time and persuasion to get on board.


There is no magic wand but there are techniques that experienced professionals can bring that will address the following top 10 essentials:

Top 10 Essentials:

  1. Engaging people in a planned systematic way
  2. Start at the top – a committed executive team with shared vision
  3. Involve every ‘people layer’
  4. Articulate the formal case for change
  5. Creating ownership from the top down
  6. Communicating the message, a planned programme
  7. Accurate assessment of the cultural landscape, sources of leadership and resistance
  8. Addressing culture change specifics
  9. Address the individual (person and teams)
  10. Prepare for the unexpected !

I help organisations manage that change process, bringing a solid understanding of the steps that are needed and what it takes to succeed, bringing in additional and trusted expertise resources if required. For businesses recognising the need to change but with an already over-stretched management team, interim support is a fast, effective means to help get you there.