Social Media Strategy

Social Media strategy starts with understanding your audience and customers and which channels and media they utilise for different purposes. There is a lot of ‘noise’ in the public domain about Linked In is the best channel for ‘this’ or Facebook is the best channel for that’ or even statements like ‘Instagram’ is the growing trend, and so on. There are also a lot of social media companies and experts that push a particular platform or model that they use irrespective of their client or their clients customer base and buying behavior.

Working your way through this minefield without the expertise or an objective assistance through, for example, a consultant, can be challenging. It can also be frustrating when the suppliers of social media skills send out poor quality content due to a lack of understanding your clients needs, their buying behavior and issues like seasonality, industry issues and more.

Any social media strategy has to start with an understanding of your customers, segments, issues, buying behavior and similar, and this can often be translated through Personas. Even in B2B where I am often confronted with ‘Social Media is relay for consumers’, the fact remains that Social Media is growing in importance. Certainly, it is needed to optimise SEO as Google and the algorithms take this seriously, and there are a variety of audiences that use Linked IN, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Perhaps it is time for you to bring in an objective consultant to assist you?