Have You Developed Your Strategy to Survive the Crisis and Beyond?

These are unprecedented times with most of the retail high street having been closed, the food service industry in turmoil, a collapse in the Oil market, increased demand for food manufacturing, a rapid decline for clothing retail, and a devastated travel industry. In addition, many companies have closed factories and furloughed staff.

So, what are you doing about it in your business? How are you going to come out of the crisis and recover, grow and prosper?

Clear Strategy and Decisive Actions

Most organisations should be reflecting on what has happened to their business and looking at their markets, sector, routes to market and client base to see which areas are likely to recover and do well in the future, and where changes may need to be made. Too much reliance on too few customers, sectors which will struggle, and companies and channels that may not survive, could spell disaster for many businesses. Re-evaluation of the business model and options should be at the top of the agenda.

To successfully move forward organisations need to be looking at their strategy now, where their business will come from in the coming months and years, and how to build a plan and implement for recovery, growth and prosperity. This needs skills in strategy, marketing and business development which many businesses do not have internally and do not want to engage full time.

Need Help with Your Recovery and Growth Strategy?

The solution could well be a senior interim executive or consultant who has this combination of skills across the spectrum from strategy planning to marketing and business development.

Someone who can look at your existing and potential markets and sectors, channels to market, client base and prospective clients and derive a strategy and implementation plan to succeed.

Someone who can help you implement that plan, deliver the marketing programme for it to succeed and move you along the path of recovery towards future success. Perhaps someone who has been there and done it multiple times, across many business sectors and is an experienced senior interim director and consultant?

If you would like to discuss your business situation and options then please feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation to see how I could assist you.

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