There’s barely a day goes by without seeing news (and plenty of opinion) about companies that have or are re-branding. And it’s often an exercise associated with high costs, risk and a business-wide programme that gobbles resources and time.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Especially for SMEs who recognise the need for change and a refresh in order to grow but where management resources are stretched as it is.

The big question for many senior managers in SMEs is whether a re-brand is just a licence for design and branding agencies to print money. And what to believe!

For example, can the agency actually prove that all the investment is needed, or that the most effective re-brand strategy is/was used? Most agencies will do a good job, but like all of us in business, they are interested in selling their services and making money..

So what’s the best way to navigate the muddy re-brand waters and make sure you get the results at a sensible cost?

This is where an independent expert advisor from the practical inside business perspective can help. An independent interim marketing expert with experience of working with agencies and in business can cut to the chase very quickly, saving valuable time and cutting unnecessary costs.

Most interim marketing directors will bring an instinctive understanding of what it takes to get results that don’t break the bank. An interim expert who has directed brand transformations before will have seen it and done it before, so they know the pitfalls and are not afraid to challenge agencies and ask difficult questions. And they usually know some good people too. As a breed, we’re very flexible, working on a project basis or part time and on call.

So if your business needs a re-brand but you don’t know where to start, there’s a short cut to a fast, economical solution by using an experienced interim marketing professional. Professionally qualified marketing directors who hold a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification) and preferably an MBA are a good starting point to ensure you are talking to the right caliber of person.